On Sale! Siecor Corning OS-301 SM MM Fiber Optic Source –

On Sale! Siecor Corning OS-301 SM MM Fiber Optic Source –

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Corning Siecor OS-301 Fiber Optic Test

Siecor OS-301 SingleMode 1310nm MultiMode 850 / 1300nm Fiber Optical Light Source

Includes Carrying Case & Accessories As Listed

OS-300 OS 300 OS 301

Corning OS-301 OS301 SM MM Fiber Light Source Models On Sale Warranty Calibration Backed by The Best Service and Lowest Prices in the Industry.

Siecor OS-301 Optical Source
Corning Cable Systems’ OS-301 optical light source offers three testing wavelengths in one rugged hand-held package. The OS-301 is an 850/1300 nm LED with a 1550 nm laser for multimode and single-mode testing.

Corning Siecor OS-301


Wavelengths 850/1300 ± 20 nm LED, 1550 ± 20 nm Laser
Output 62.5 µm = -18 dBm (850/1300 nm)
9 µm = -38 dBm (1300 nm)
9 µm = -8 dBm (1550 nm)
Spectral Width = 50 nm @ 850 nm
= 125 nm @ 1300 nm
= 5 nm @ 1550 nm
Transmission CW, 2 kHz (1550 nm)
Stability  ±0.1 dB @ 23°C for eight hours
Power  4 “AA” Alkaline batteries, AC adapter
Battery Life > 48 hours
Dimensions 160 mm x 90 mm x 30 mm (6.3 in x 3.5 in x 1.2 in)
Weight = 0.5 kg (1.0 lb)
Operating Temp. 0 to +50°C
Storage Temp. -40 to +60°C

Condition: Refurbished
Warranty: 90 Day Exchange


Siecor OS-301-55 SingleMode MultiMode Optical Light Source
SM Source:
MM Source:
(2) ST Connectors For Source
MM ST-ST Fiber Cable
SM ST-ST Fiber Cable
User Manual On CD-ROM
Carrying Case



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