On Sale! Siecor Corning LANscape TKT-UNICAM- PFC Tool Kit –

On Sale! Siecor Corning LANscape TKT-UNICAM- PFC Tool Kit –

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Corning Siecor TKT-UNICAM Fiber Optic Test

Corning Siecor LANscape TKT-UNICAM-PFC Fiber Optic Tool Kit

Terminate your Pretium or Standard UniCam Corning Cable Systems Multimode or Single-mode LC, SC, and ST Connectors in Less Than a Minute.

Includes Corning Pretium Cleaver, Carrying Case & Accessories As Listed

Corning TKT-UNICAM-PFC TKTUNICAMPFC Fiber Tool Kit Models On Sale Warranty Calibration Backed by The Best Service and Lowest Prices in the Industry.


Corning Cable Systems offers several tool kits for installation of UniCam® Connectors for data centers, fibre- to- the- desk applications and for local area networks, including main cross- connects, telecommunications rooms and enclosures. The main offering in installation kits is the UniCam® High- Performance Tool Kit (TKT- UNICAM- PFC). This is a carefully designed tool kit that virtually eliminates human variability from the installation process.

The TKT- UNICAM- PFC includes a lightweight, handheld installation tool with an immediate go/no- go feedback signal to provide unmistakable confirmation of a successful termination. The kit’s high- performance cleaver has an integrated fibre scrap bin and a dual clamp precision hold for the field fibre, with a diamond blade to achieve a superior cleave. It can be used with multimode or single- mode LC, SC, ST® Compatible UniCam Connectors (standard- and high- performance) and is required to achieve high- performance specifications for UniCam High-Performance Single-Mode Connectors.

Corning Siecor TKT-UNICAM

Features and Benefits

Terminates single-mode and multimode fibers
Various installation options

Convenient carrying case
Minimizes setup and teardown time

Visual feedback signal (TKT-UNICAM-PFC)
Termination confirmation

General Specifications

Product Type Connector Tools and Tool Kits
Technology No-Epoxy/No-Polish
Compatibility LC, SC and ST® Compatible

Condition: Refurbished
Warranty: 90 Day Exchange


Corning LANscape TKT-Unicam-PFC Fiber Optic Tool Kit (BC# 20172)
-Corning TL-UCP Unicam Installation Tool
-Corning FBC-015 Pretium Cleaver w/ Manual
-Corning 3201007-01 Crimp Tool
-(10) MCC52500C 7.5mm SC/ST/FC Connector Sticks
-(10) MCC-51200C LC/MU Connector Sticks
-Fiber Connector
-Miller FO 103-D-250 Wire Cutters
-Miller 721 Wire Stripper
-Miller Brand Scissors
-Corning Connector Length Gauge
-(4) Corning 95-200-41 Unicam SC, SM SPC Connectors
-Corning 90 Count Fiber Wipes
-Corning Connector Step Card
-Corning Installation Instuctions For Unicam
-Carrying Case w/ Strap


Siecor Corning LANscape TKT-UNICAM Spec Sheet


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